Hey! I am Emmanuel Jacobs, a motivational writer, blogger, councilor and a lover of Christ. I love encouraging and inspiring people through my writings, testimonies, and mistakes in life because I believe in changed lives through inspired words.

No one actually knows what you have been through or what you are going through in life except you tell them or God reveal it to them. But one thing is for sure, inspired words can heal you from anything and bring you closer to Christ because I have been there, I know what it is to be depressed, confused and feel empty.

This BLOG is for you, me and every other person who desire a change, miracle healing, through inspired words.

I write to change character, attitude and behavior.

I write to make marriages and relationships work according to God’s standards

I write to raise hopes and make people yearn for their dreams and aspiration.

And I write to make us understand the love of Christ.

Less I forget, I smile a lot; it has helped me to overcome so many things, and I will also advice, learn how to smile in difficult times; you don’t need to frown always because to them that frown at every situation finds joy and happiness at the mercy of that situation.

Love and care about you, please write me if you want to talk about anything.

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