I AM SORRY has been taken for granted by so many couples as the number one answer to family arguments and problems. This same sentence has made employers to lay off their employees, and at the same time made business associates, close friends disassociate themselves.

How would you feel, when someone did something bad to you, I mean something real bad and that same person claims right? Although, you could forgive the person due to maturity on your own part, I am very sure you will still alter these words “he couldn’t even say he is sorry.” Yes, that sentence is important to mending ones’ broken trust at least to an extent.

No one is above mistakes and people with perfectionism mentality actually ends up been depressed when they mess up just once, and our perfection when it comes to not ever hurting someone is not 100% guaranteed. Therefore, loopholes must emerge in our conversations, in our dealings with others or you might not even know what you will say that will annoy another person since all humans are uniquely made with different temperaments, and they all have different characters, attitudes and behavioural mentality. And even if you try so much to tread with caution, there is every tendency that you can still step on someone’s toes unknowingly.

It’s important to say ‘i am sorry’ when the need arises, because it is the first step to showing the offended that you are remorseful of what you did and it’s also a platform for repentance. Saying ‘i am sorry’ helps the offended to give another chance to the offender as it is very difficult to mend broken hearts and offended soul. The simple sentence ‘i am sorry’ has the ability to heal, mend and revive relationships, which is why you should not be too proud to say it.

I had an experience that made me realize the efficacy of that simple sentence ‘i am sorry.’ I offended a client, and that made him furious and wanted to leave; and leaving will definitely reduce the market share of the company and may also cost me my job. The only solution to my present predicament was to approach him and say sorry. Mind you, the issue to me has no capacity to offend me but because it was another person, he was offended. I was surprise how the magic simple sentence worked for me; I know you are eager to know if the clients left, no he didn’t.

Therefore, the ability to say sorry has a long way of helping our relationships both in family and business.

Having said all that, there is one important impediment that can prevent us not to say sorry and that is EGO. Ego is an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others. Your superiority to others is not for oppression or suppression but for leadership, as you are very much aware that you are inferior to others better than you.

One of the best way to eliminate pride or ego in our life is to fight against superiority that has become a veil covering our sense of humour. WE ARE ALL EQUAL, know this and you will have equal respect for yourself and for others.

Have you witness a case where the offender beats the offended just because of superiority or you see the offended begging the offender because he thinks he is inferior to him; it very rare for you to see people with ego say sorry when they offend someone that is inferior to them. They actually think it is self-worth, but I think it is stupidity. Therefore, learn how to say sorry when you offend someone and put your ego behind you.




  1. Sometimes, When Sorry is said, it actually doesn’t mean because somewhere the person saying it is actually not convinced enough that s/he was wrong and till you are not honest in your feelings, a relationship is not healthy and flourishing. I feel, sometimes we should just let go what other has done because everybody is right in his own perspective. Yes, it is always good to say sorry if it ” reduces the hurt of others”, it not only give a relief to them but also helps us to grow as a human as EGO has never done any good to anybody. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for having you here. I really like your comment.

      When sorry is said from the heart, it goes a long way to help relationships, but has no effect when there is no honest.

      Those with matured mind never wait to hear sorry before they will forgive and let go.

      Thanks once again

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      1. You have a nice blog
        Parenting is one thing families must know in order to have a peaceful home.
        I will also study more on karmic theory as i hardly believe what i don’t really know.

        i would need your facebook account, so i can follow you and get to know you better

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  2. Very well put. I am like you in that sometimes I cannot see the offense because the action or word is not something that offends me. I’ve never read a piece in which the writer acknowledged that; thanks so much for sharing.
    I do my best to be a decent human being, but I have to accept that sometimes the unintentional offense slips through. So, yes, indeed, I am always prepared to say “I’m sorry.” Really liked your article.

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