Attitude And Character of Great People

We don’t need monument to remember great people who lived here on earth, we don’t need to see their tombs to reflect on their impart in our lives, they lived closely in our heart and our minds are refreshed anytime we see their handwork like tattoos in our generation.

Every word they uttered triggers the heart of men to live above their expectations and dreams. We literally wear them because we cannot just stop talking about how they impart. Every street and corner they passed by carry that perceivable fragrance.

Their smiles are like that of a woman who just delivered a baby and you cannot hold yourself, but to smile with them.

There are no dull moments with them, and even when they are tired, they will never reject you when you need them. They are eager to help even when it seems they cannot help themselves. Their words are full of possibilities.

They don’t talk the lead, they take the lead, you don’t hear them say “go, I will meet you up;” but you will always hear them say “I will go; you follow me.”

Great men are full of mercy and forgiveness because they know exactly what they have been through. They took notice that their flaws and errors were once forgiven and they needed to be merciful too in order to retain their greatness.

These great people, they don’t look at wealth as a function of their greatness but they look at the lives they have touched with their wealth to measure the value of their greatness.

They are happy and extremely joyful when others are happy and sad when they are handicapped in the issues of others.

They imbibe the spirit of Job in the Holy Book (BIBLE) when he said “I became eyes to the blind, legs to the lame, father to the fatherless and mother to the motherless, strength to the weak.” And this reminds me of Apostle Paul when he said “to the Jews, I became a Jew; to the gentiles, I became a gentile; I will not eat meat if it will cause my brother to sin.”

Great men have many sons and daughters that are not from their loins. Don’t be surprise when they call you daddy and mummy because it is not a function of blood, but what you have imparted to them.

There is a pathway to greatness. Please don’t accept the myth that says “I was born to be great and you sit down waiting for greatness,” the greatness in you will only emerge when you follow the pathway to greatness.



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